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It is the only WordPress based solution that helps with the creation of AliExpress dropshipping stores and the easy import of Ali products. You can have your own web store built in minutes. This tool is so easy to manage that even a child can launch a dropshipping store with their help.

Alternative # 1 to SHOPIFY

If you are not familiar with dropshipping, it is a business model in which, as a store owner, you do not need to buy products in advance. You simply add a necessary product to your site and when someone buys it, you buy from the supplier that sends this item directly to your customer.

Therefore, when starting an online business, it allows you to easily avoid the hassles of things like product development, inventory tracking, warehouse space creation and maintenance of a confusing shipping / receiving infrastructure.

Dropshipping is considered a low risk business model making it ideal for new entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to start a dropshipping business with ALIDROPSHIP?

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