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The benefits of dropshipping are obvious:
  • Low expenses
  • High margins
  • No risks
  • No warehousing
  • No geographical limits

The AliDropship custom store also known as Turnkey dropshipping store – is a normal online store where you go to buy a product. But this time around it’s ready-made. Specifically built for dropshipping and exclusively created for you.

It’s a ready-made dropshipping store developed by high skills designers and programmers with other technical specialists – who are responsible for developing it from scratch.

The custom dropshipping store is a perfect solution for those wanting to make dropshipping business as another source of income – but have limited time. Also, it’s perfect for those that have no prior knowledge about building a website but want to start a dropshipping business.

Having the store is the fastest way to start a dropshipping business with AliExpress. This is because your store will be directly linked with AliEpress with the help of the Alidropship Plugin. The store gives you time to focus on other things or the most important which is marketing your product.

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